Weekend Dungeon Runs

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Weekend Dungeon Runs

Post by Sokoric on Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:18 pm

Would anyone be up for setting up a regular meeting time for dungeon runs?

I figure we could set up 'splinter cells' (such a fun word) or 4P teams that could meet at times that's convenient for them. They go pick up any quests/undaunted things for dungeons, share them with each other, and then run through them all. And even if people aren't high enough level for the undaunted daily quests, we could run random dungeons so we can level up, get use to the dungeons, and get familiar with each other's playing styles before we start getting into the quests (and later harder difficulty dungeons where teamwork will likely matter).

Not to mention: Working in these strike teams will hopefully build some team spirit for later PVP matches.

So, anyone that might be interested in setting up such a team let me know. Hopefully we can work out a schedule and start meeting regularly then.


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