Guild rank responsibilities/requirements

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Guild rank responsibilities/requirements

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:02 pm


As a Serf, you have no responsibility or requirements attached to you. You have been invited to the guild and may interact with other guild members and Serfs. A Serf is not yet an official member of the guild, however. To be a member of the guild you are required to contribute to the guilds success and until you have done so, showing your allegiance and commitment to the guild, you cannot advance past Serf and cannot be considered a true member of the guild.


Requirements: To be a Bard you must be at least a level 10, purchase the guild tabard, make a 500 gold contribution towards the guild bank and be a Serf for three days. If you do not wish to wait the three day period you can make an addition 1,000 contribution towards the guild bank to gain instant promotion to Bard.

Responsibilities: Bards do not have many responsibilities within the guild. The key to a strong and healthy guild is for every member to contribute however and as such, you are expected to contribute in some ways. Everyone can contribute in the guild regardless of level and thus every member is valuable. Things like listing recipes that you already know in the guild store or helping guild mates conquer group caves is a great way for Bards to make their contribution in the guild. You are also allowed to sell in the guild store.


Requirements: Must be a minimum of level 15 and must make a 3,000 gold contribution towards the guild bank.

Responsibilities: A Mercenary is allowed to recruit into the guild, which is a very important role. We want to expand the size of our guild while at the same time, make sure that we have good team players within our barracks. You will be judged on your recruiting decisions. Do well and it will go noticed. Do poor and it will hurt your reputation.


Requirements: Must be a minimum level of 20 and must make a 5,000 gold contribution to the guild bank. Must be a member for one week.

Responsibilities: Crusader/Legionnaire start to carry a higher responsibility in the guild. In addition to donating and selling in the guild store and recruiting, you are now expected to regularly help in campaign matches. This is a very important responsibility as numbers help us increase our strength and influence across Tamriel. You are also responsible for those you recruit. Maintaining high integrity is important to the guild. If you recruit a member that contributes, works his way up the ranks and is well liked, you will be noticed for your good work in recruiting. Recruiting a member who does not contribute or get along with other guild mates will make you look bad to your superiors.


Requirements: Must be a minimum level 25. Must contribute 7,500 gold towards the guild bank. Must be a member for 2 weeks. Must own a horse.

Responsibilities: Knights are expected to make serious contributions to helping the guild in Campaign mode. As the guild grows and strengthens, we want to make our mark on the online battlefield. Knights are high enough levels to truly contribute, especially in number. Knights answer to officials and march on the front lines in online campaign play. Knights conduct themselves professionally and help aid lower level guild members climb the ranks where they can.


Requirements: Must be a level 30. Must contribute 10,000 gold towards the guild bank. Must be a member for 4 weeks. Must have positive feedback from tallow guild members.

Responsibilities: Officials reach the first true position of leadership. Not only are you allowed to recruit but you are also able to promote and demote (you may not promote a player beyond Knight). You are able to build your own squadron of knights (providing they follow the necessary steps to promotion) and you will be credited with the success your leadership has in campaign mode. Online success is your responsibility. Represent the Wild Bunch well.


Requirements: Must be level 40. Must be a member for 6 weeks. Must contribute 20,000 gold towards the guild bank. Must have success as an official and must be a highly active member of the guild. Must have high praise throughout the guild.

Responsibilities: You are the eyes and ears of the guild. You assume political power. You have the ability to post messages on the guild message board, schedule guild events and kick players from the guild. You have worked hard to earn your title and proven yourself. Officials report to you. You can promote knights within our ranks to officials (providing they have completed the necessary guidelines. You may not promote above official, but you may request officials be considered for promotion with the elder council members). You are expected to be online frequently and participate in group activities.


Requirements: Must be level 50. Must be a member for 8 weeks. Must be voted in by Elder council members, Jarls and High King. No gold contribution is needed to assume this promotion.

Responsibilities: You have proven yourself a dedicated member of the guild, put in lots of time and effort and proven yourself in all facets. You have donated nearly 47,000+ gold and needn’t supply the guild with gold any longer. You vote on guild policies and Thane candidates. Your vote holds just as much weight as the Jarls and High King. You are among the most respected in the guild. You are an elite member and you have a direct impact on every decision made. You are required to be online frequently to hold this position and you are expected to be active with other guild members.


Requirements: Must be level 50+. Must be a member for 10 weeks. Must be voted in by Elder council members, Jarls and High King. No gold contribution is needed to assume this position.

Responsibilities: You are required to be extremely active in the guild. You need to be an active member to assume this role. You make the most important decisions in the entire guild. You decide where guild bank gold is spent, suggest guild policies that go up for vote, and everyone in the guild answers to you. You are the most elite leaders in the guild. You are the true representation of the guild. You are eligible to assume the role of High King when the High King is on leave (vacation, busy with work, etc.)

High King

I am responsible for making sure the guild is both enjoyable and successful. The guild adds all new aspects to the game which can either make it an extremely fun element if everything runs smoothly. My job is to make sure it runs that way. I am very excited to put all this together. I will be a committed member of the guild and extremely active. I hope we can all enjoy online domination and raid offline dungeons like never before. I was not alone in founding and creating the guild. Both Zarroc (burst9022) and Fiendfyre (wombosi89) helped co-create it. High King and Jarl share equal power in the guild.
If anyone has any questions or suggestions concerning the guild, let me or one of the Jarls know! We are just setting this up and we want it to be the best experience it can be. We will be tweaking things over the next week or so while we iron out the kings. May the Eight guide your steps! –Valdimir Sochi

(Note that we are still tweaking everything. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here!)


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Re: Guild rank responsibilities/requirements

Post by Shroomzx562 on Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:42 pm

Where do i go to donate Gold to get promoted


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